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The Dermio Care Facial is a treatment device to carry out dermatology from  dermis =skin /ion  -electric particle. It is an oxygen energy treatment. The energy of oxygen is applied to the customer in the form of electrically negatively charged ions (plasma treatments). 
The method pursues two aims at the same time: visible skin regeneration and total relaxation. The negative ions plasma is gained from the surrounding air. So the Dermio Care facial device manages without oxygen flasks or concentrators. 
The energy  is channeled into the specially coated Top head, the ion helmet. It then penetrates through the skin to stimulate cell metabolism at the same time as the oxygen is inhaled through the mouth or nose and is thus made available to the whole organism, especially the brain. Dermatology is aimed at customers with high demands regarding anti ageing procedures and immediately visible and noticeable treatment results.

The usual length of treatments is 30 min. Dermio care Facial can be offered for every cosmetic facial and décolleté care.

Dermio Care Body emits highly concentrated ions into the special antistatic Dermio bag. The objective is to improve the skin appearance specifically in combination with acid/ base oriented regime.
Dermionology is aimed at customers with high demands regarding their anti -ageing procedures and immediately visible and noticeable treatments results.
The treatment is innovative and due to the patent protection is unique and exclusive. The treatment usually takes 30 minutes and it is a very pleasant treatment overall. The treatment is suitable for everyone, depending on individual consultation. A side effect may be a strong urge to pass water. You would feel very fresh as lymph problems on your feet would disappear and your skin would look amazing.
The Dermio Body Concepts is the treatment method of the future.

Dermio Care

Oxygen energy treatment