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InnoPen micro needling therapy system is non -surgical minimally ablative treatment for aesthetic improvement and rejuvenation of various skin conditions.

InnoPen is the world’s safest micro needling device with a unique, dual spring -loaded disposable needle cartridge (inno tips) that uses an automated, vibrating stamp -like motion to rejuvenate and revitalise the skin.

Inno pen is proudly made in the USA by the pioneers of microneedling technology, Clinical  Resolution Laboratory, inc.


Application and Benefits

  • Trans- dermal delivery

  • Fine lines and wrinkles

  • Skin tone and texture

  • Stretch marks and scars

  • Hair growth

  • Cellulite

  • Skin elasticity and firmness

  • Poor refinement 

  • Topical absorption

  • Hypo and Hyper pigmentation

Swelling and redness is normal immediately after treatment.  The treatment  will appear similar to that of a moderate to severe sunburn. Minor pain and /or discomfort of elevated warmth and tightness can be experienced.



“The device itself is inherently safe to use because of its disposable tips, which prevents cross-contamination and eliminates the need to painstakingly clean and sterilize between patients, as is necessary with dermal rollers,” said Mike Johnson, M.D., physician and science director at Derma Pen, LLC. “By nature needling is unlikely to cause splatter or other unwanted spread of bodily fluids. Even at high speeds the fractional vertical insertion of microneedles creates a pattern of minimally-traumatic wounds to the skin which is not violent by any means. Nevertheless it’s still important to keep the device clean and free of potential contaminants, because safety isn’t an option, it’s a necessity.” 

For that very reason, Dermapen introduces the One-Step Cleaner and the patent pending Universal Micro-Needling Protective Sleeves. “Like Dermapen, the cleaner is simple and easy to use,” Dr. Johnson said, “and the sleeves offer added protection against foreign materials. The success of microneedle therapy with Dermapen depends as much on safety as it does on the needling effectiveness, so one cannot afford to compromise.” The sleeves are designed to be compatible with similar micro-needling devices as well. 

When moved over skin in the needled area, the piston-driven array of surgical steel microneedles creates thousands of micro-punctures. Research has shown that actual trauma to the skin is minimal, so cell death is orderly, which promotes the best conditions for stimulating the growth of healthy skin. The speed of needle oscillation can be controlled (up to 90 Hz), which in turn contributes to the density of micro-wounding and the aggressiveness of the session. This mode of therapy has been shown to be effective for a growing variety of conditions, without the downtime associated with lasers and other expensive energy-based alternatives. Dermapen is also safe for all skin types.