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For more than 30 years, Weyergans High Care AG has therefore been developing a unique care program especially for the individual needs of your skin – using intelligent products tactically adapt to the pH value of your skin, tone the connective tissue, or stimulate cell regeneration.

Smooth and healthy skin has always been associated with beauty and elegance. However, not everyone is blessed with immaculate skin by nature. Whether care for your face or body, the anti-ageing or the targeted cellulite treatment, the extraordinary high dosage and quality of our active ingredients is the secret of all of our products. Weyergans High Care AG strives to use primarily raw materials supplied by nature such as essential mistletoe extracts, original Australian tea tree oil, cinnamon or handpicked and hand-sorted chamomile from Morocco. Plant-based hormones and enzymes are also added. 

Vitamins play a special role with Weyergans High Care AG: they make it possible to omit chemical preservatives for the most part and supply skin with additional active substances. This is the highest level of nourishing care possible – simply High Care! Everything is combined in the holistic world of Weyergans high care® cosmetics. We adopt extraordinary courses and will do everything for supporting you on your way to a healthy and beautiful body.

All products of Weyergans High Care AG are allergy tested and compatible with most skin types. We do not test our products on animals.

It's more than care. It's High Care.  



Styler tea

Collamin fluid 


Body cosmetics

Styler cream 

AE stick

Cinnamon cream


Facial Cosmetics

Viva Cream

Tone up

Soft peeling 

Sebo Care

Revival Timeless

Active mask 

Soon future eye cream

Soon future face cream


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