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We are a team of professionals who take themselves and nature seriously.  We believe that beauty can be earned by following a high care routine and investing in your health and wellbeing- the results will speak for themselves! We strongly believe in the Weyergans High Care® concepts and use their technology to look after not just our physical appearance, but wellbeing also.

We take a holistic approach as we believe that beauty is a combination of everything; a positive outlook, healthy lifestyle, exercise (both physical and mental), and non-stop work on your health and beauty- because let's get real changes don't happen overnight.

Our mission is to help others to realise their full potential and maintain an attractive and youthful look. Here at High Care clinic, we strongly believe that this can be achieved by following Hight Care® concepts and approach.    

In our clinic, you will also find other services outside of High Care that we believe are effective. We provide referrals for invasive treatments, such as Botox and lip fillers; Plastic surgery, including face and body augmentation; Fitness and personalised diet plans. 




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 Weyergans High Care technology has strong medical roots. The intermittent pressure technology was used to help astronauts to recover from being in weightless environments for prolonged periods of time, which caused circulatory and lymphatic problems as well as other negative health outcomes. Following successful treatment outcomes, since then  Weyergans technology has expanded to physical rehabilitation and cosmetic purposes.


Methods such as Different Cellulite therapy, prophylaxis of circulatory disease, use of active oxygen ions and variable pressure are patented and recognised in the entire world and represented in licensed health and beauty care institutes. Thus, high care® represents more than body care. It signifies quality, evidence, responsibility and the latest cosmetic and medical insights-because this is our origin. 


For more than 30 years, High Care has specialised in weak connective tissue– especially in the field of anti-cellulite treatments- amongst others represented through the patented Differentiated Cellulite Treatment (DCT®). Additionally, High Care provides a reliable program of supplements and cosmetic products, which are connected to wellbeing. 

Weyergans and High Care are represented in over 51 countries. The company is honoured and certified with reputable research partners such as, the German Society of Aerospace Medicine, the institute of the biomedical technique of the RWTH Aachen, the Max Planck Institute for experimental medicine, and has large international network support. 


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1. Professional seminars

​The start of our holistic concept is participation in one of our basic seminars. Whoever works with Weyergans is a high care® professional!

2. Saliva test
As a unique application in the cosmetics market, the saliva test enables individual analysis and care advice. 


3. Facial Care
Effective short and special high care® facial treatments with premium cosmetic products and devices make your skin shine like new. 


4. Breast, decolleté and abdomen
Results-oriented treatment of problematic areas – by means of low pressure and activating ingredients, concentrating on key body zones. 

5. Body styling
On the basis of established aerospace technology, the Vacustyler® shapes legs and bottom in alternating pressure ratios.


6. Home care 

Perfect care for each skin type, effective solutions for each skin problem! With the unique product modular system of high care® cosmetics, home care can be chosen individually.

7. Anti-Ageing 

Valuable ingredients make our tightening skincare an indispensable part of daily home care.  

8. Tightening of connective tissue

For optimising results reached by the institute and home care, our special cosmetic body products support the tightening of connective tissue and give rise to success stories.

9. Beauty from inside

High-quality nutritional food tops off holistic care of high care® cosmetics- full of vitamins, they support cosmetic treatments and activate your beauty from within. 

10. Holistic care 

This way, you experience unparalleled holistic body care made by Weyergans. For more beauty and health from within and outside. Simply high care®.



Irina Squibb


Ilona Arebo


Oksana Trunceite


Derek Briscoe




My experience with Irina’s services is superb. Her knowing the Weyergans’  products allows her to create a once-off customized approach delivering steady Results and guaranteed satisfaction. 
I am recommending Irina’s services to anyone who is looking for optimized solutions on anti-ageing, body cleaning and anti-cellulite treatment. Combination of treatments builds up a holistic methodological approach towards well-being.  
One can lose a track of time being relaxed and taken care by Irina. The results exceed expectations and provide a complete renewal and body nurturing which are very addictive in the time of fast pace life.​

Jelena Lapidus

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