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The Vacustyler is a device for intermittent vacuum therapy. The treatment is used for connective tissue firming, decongesting and purifying in the case of cellulite, weak veins and vascular training.

The treatment method was originally developed for a space machine and functions with negative pressure, which is applied in alternation with normal pressure. The negative pressure sucks fresh blood and oxygen into the feet and legs; the positive pressure transforms used blood and metabolic waste products back into the trunk via veins and lymph vessels. The interaction of pressure and negative pressure leads to the cleansing of tissue from the inside out. The treatment method holds an international patent. Negative pressure wave treatment is ideal for all women who wish for firmer skin on the lower extremities such as, thighs, stomach and bottom. The treatment is also used to improve weak veins, spider veins and blockages. Another target group is a customer with circulatory disorders (smokers, diabetics, overweight people) or older customers who are interested in maintaining good health. The treatments are also interesting for athletes to promote faster regeneration after sports activities or for faster recovery after liposuction.

The treatments take around 30 min. The best way is to have a programme of ten sessions.

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