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The Mesocare​® device is used for the targeted treatment of wrinkles and tissue firming in the area of the face, neck and décolleté.  Two programmes are available: electroporation (anti-ageing and wrinkle treatment through  the infiltration  of highly  effective  active substances  and cosmeceuticals; transdermal system and myolifting ) 

strengthening and benefiting of the facial muscles through electro-mechanical stimulation, EMS, optimisation or facial expressions.

The infiltration is carried out using ampoule electrodes which are linked to the control unit via a connective cable. Contact with the skin takes place with sponge inserts (disposable so extremely hygienic). There is a selection of electrodes of different sizes with different capacities including those for use on the whole body.

A special advantage is that the customer controls the intensity of the Meso treatment herself with the help of remote control. The average duration of infiltration is within a total treatment of 10 min.


The fully automatic myolifting is carried out with up to eight electrodes which tone the facial muscles in a targeted way (passive gymnastics).  The electrodes are self -adhesive and easy to apply. The treatment is perceived as pleasant with remote control. The currents combine different shapes (rectangle,  triangle, trapeze and exponential), so that no familiarisation of the facial muscles to the stimulation pulses takes place during the treatment. So with the Mesocare device, the strongest pulse intensities are enough to achieve optimal results with regard to the improvement of facial expressions. Automatic myolifting takes 30 minutes.

Mesotherapy and Myolifting  (EMS) is suitable for all customers who place very high demands on curative, cosmetic facial and decollate care and expect immediately visible long-lasting treatment results.

The Mesocare device from Weyergans is the key product for qualified beauty studios with a strong orientation towards medical and anti-ageing. Together with the high -grade Meso products from the Weyergans high care cosmetics line, myolifting, in particular, is seen as unique and it enhances the attractiveness of the studio as a unique selling proposition.

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