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Choose your care products according to the condition of your skin. Day and night care is determined by the grease and moisture content of the skin and the time of year. Regular peeling with SOFT PEELING is important for any skin type, as is special care for the area around the eyes. EYE SENTIAL care has special sun protection and contains excellent moisturizers. For exclusive care of the eye area try TIMELESS Mistletoe Cosmetics. Therapies should be scheduled for the change of season and a wide selection of masks, ampoules and concentrates is available.

Cleansing Milk: Systematic Mildness  200 ml /  500ml 
CLEANSING MILK is part of the cleansing system. It gently removes surplus grease from the skin and grime, sweat and make-up. In the cleansing system, the emulsified milk is removed with Tone up face lotion on cosmetic pads. In this case, the lotion replaces water, preventing contaminated water from coming into contact with the skin. 
CLEANSING MILK also gently removes eye make-up. Facial cleansing with system ensures the care and protection of sensitive and dry skin.
Note: CLEANSING MILK is part of the cleansing system.
Directions: Apply the CLEANSING MILK to the palms of the hands and massage it into the face with gentle, circular movements. To remove eye make-up, apply a little CLEANSING MILK to moistened cosmetic pads. The emulsified CLEANSING MILK is only removed with TONE UP face lotion. TONE UP is the complementary product in the cleansing system, it is kind to the skin, mild and soothing. TONE UP on cosmetic pads is used to remove the cleansing milk from the skin.
Note: CLEANSING MILK is extremely kind to the skin and contains no aggressive ingredients. Balances the skin without sacrificing any cleansing properties.

Cleansing Balm: Mild and Thorough  200 ml  /  500ml  
Cleansing milk, toner and deep action care for the face.
CLEANSING BALM is a skin-friendly cleansing balsam. As a balsam, it is a combination of cleanser and toner. CLEANSING BALM is a thorough, fast cleanser for normal to oily skin, but can also be used as a fast cleanser for normal to dry skin as it does not dehydrate the skin after cleansing. CLEANSING BALM is suitable for those who are short of time but do not want to dispense with cleansing. CLEANSING BALM cleanses the skin and supplies it with moisture without damaging the protective acid layer of the skin.

Directions: CLEANSING BALM is used in mornings and evenings. It is gently smoothed onto the face, neck and décolleté, massaged in with moist hands and then rinsed off with plenty of warm water. The skin is optimally prepared for follow-up care. CLEANSING BALM is also suitable as an eye make-up remover and as a shower gel.
Note: CLEANSING BALM from HIGH CARE COSMETICS does not contain any aggressive tensides which affect the natural acid balance of the skin. Due to a new emulsifying system CLEANSING BALM feels extremely soft without sacrificing any cleansing properties. Perfect for fast, thorough cleansing also during the day.
Additional care with Weyergans High Care Cosmetics products.

Tone Up: Refreshingly Clean 200 ml /500ml 
Cleansing facial tonic Refreshing, cleansing face lotion to remove CLEANSING MILK and stubborn make-up traces. The cleansing system with CLEANSING MILK and TONE UP prevents the skin from coming into contact with possibly contaminated and hard water. Stabilises the protective cover of the skin. Soothes and prepares for the following care. The herbal ingredients, aloe Vera, and allantoin supply moisture.
Directions:  Apply TONE UP on a cotton swab and spread it with gentle upward movements until the CLEANSING MILK is removed. TONE UP is suitable for an eye compress too. Soak a cotton swab with TONE UP and put it onto the eyes for 15 minutes. The camomile extract soothes tense and tired eyes.
Note: It has been known for some time that cleansing with water and CLEANSING MILK has a dehydrating effect in the long term. Water extracts moisture, grease and moisture-binding substances from the skin. Weyergans High Care Cosmetics recommends removing CLEANSING MILK with TONE UP; you will notice the difference after a few days. TONE UP from HIGH CARE COSMETICS is a revitalising, refreshing, alcohol-free face lotion. It contains soothing herbal ingredients, especially chamomile extract in which all the cosmetically valuable essential essences, the so-called flavonoids, are found. Calendula (marigold) is a herbal essence prized for skincare. It contains skin-protective saponins which have anti-inflammatory, healing and cramp relieving properties.
Additional care with Weyergans High Care Cosmetics products. Chose care products depending on the state of the skin. Day and night care is determined by the moisture and fat content and also by the season. Each type of skin needs a periodical peeling with SOFT PEELING and special care of the eye's area. EYE SENTIAL especially prevents the sun dependent damage and is supplied with the best moisturizers. Mistletoe cosmetics can guarantee very exclusive care of the region around the eyes. Cure applications should be planned between the seasons. Therefore a large collection of concentrates, masks, and ampoules is available. The beautician will advise You with competence.


Balance: Special Protection for Sensitive Skin  50 ml  / 250 ml 
Rich nourishing cream for facial care. Due to its rich oil base BALANCE offers a wide spectrum of care for dry or sensitive skin. The thymus extract strengthens the defence system of the skin and stabilises the immune system. Oils and waxes, like jojoba oil and beeswax, protect the skin and supply it with grease and moisture.
Thin, delicate skin needs extra protection. Vitamin E acts as a free radical inhibitor and provides protection against the visible signs of skin ageing. BALANCE nourishing cream can also provide instant help as a face pack.
Directions: BALANCE is applied to stressed or irritated skin in the mornings and evenings after cleansing. It should be massaged in lightly to improve the circulation of the skin. To use BALANCE as a mask apply a generous layer to the skin, leave on for about 20 minutes and then remove with a tissue or massage any remaining cream into the skin.
Note: All the ingredients of BALANCE have been tested to ensure their purity and the absence of environmental pollutants. BALANCE is a basic product which can be used on its own or mixed with other products.

Hydro Spray: Moisturizer for In-Between Hydration 150 ml  
Protects, revives and firms facial skin after cleansing. HYDRO SPRAY is an intensive additional moisturizer for dry, needy skin. It is used as part of the cleansing system and due to its rich ingredients, it provides optimum care and conditioning for the deeper layers of the skin. In the practical spray bottle, it is useful in summer, for example, to add extra moisture to the skin during sunbathing, it can be used for intensive care of the hair and to fix make-up. It is also for refreshing tired and stressed skin during the day.
The vitamins contained in HYDRO SPRAY stimulate cell metabolism and have a positive effect on the defence mechanism and protective functions of the skin.
Directions: HYDRO SPRAY is for regular care of dry skin after cleansing with the cleansing system. The fluid can be applied to the face, neck and décolleté on a cosmetic pad. Spray HYDRO SPRAY with closed eyes at arm's length to experience the pleasant effect of instant relaxation. Pump up the liquid with the piston in the cap then press the spray button.
Note: HYDRO SPRAY from HIGH CARE COSMETICS is rich in natural vitamins and active agents. It contains castor oil of vegetable origin, which replenishes and smooth’s the skin and helps it to retain moisture. HYDRO SPRAY also contains precious horse chestnut extract and allantoin, which stimulates the metabolism of the skin and has a healing effect. 
The herb complex provides vitamins A, D, F and H and B group vitamins. These vitamins supply the skin with an exceptionally high amount of replenishing substances, which strengthen the resistance and protective functions of the skin. 
To regulate and stabilise the pH level of the skin, HYDRO SPRAY also contains citric acid; this is of biotechnological origin.
Additional care with Weyergans High Care Cosmetics products.
HYDRO SPRAY is the third phase of the cleansing system with CLEANSING MILK and TONE UP. Day and night care depends on the grease and moisture content of the skin and the time of year. All dry skin should be treated to a SOFT PEELING once a week. Special preparations are available for the delicate skin around the eyes.


Hydro Mousse: The Vitamin Mousse 100 ml 
Hydro vitamin foam for facial care. HYDRO MOUSSE vitamin foam for facial care has the special properties of sophisticated moisturizing care for Him and Her. The light foam combines practical application with superior, modern ingredients. HYDRO MOUSSE provides moisturizing care of an extremely high standard with easy, exact and hygienic dosage. Air-conditioned rooms, bad drinking habits, strong sunshine all impair the ability of the skin to bind moisture. This results in initial lines and wrinkles and a feeling of tightness on the skin. Hyaluronic acid and pentylene glycol are excellent moisturizers for the skin. The moisturizers have an instant effect but are included for a long-term improvement of the skin. Root extract, a vegetable extract containing potassium, gives the skin the ability to store more moisture. The improvement in skin moisture is measurable and was tested on raw products. Various vitamins are contained to supply and regenerate the skin cells. The skin needs vitamins as free radical inhibitors so that cell damage can be prevented and the regeneration of connective tissue improved.
Directions: Use depends on personal need; use HYDRO MOUSSE vitamin foam as often as you like. The measured dosage through the dispenser makes application easy and economical. One portion is enough for the face, neck and décolleté. Apply HYDRO MOUSSE vitamin foam as day and night care after cleansing and allow to absorb. HYDRO MOUSSE vitamin foam is also ideal for men as facial care after shaving. It is absorbed quickly and has a pleasant, neutral fragrance.
Note: HYDRO MOUSSE contains, like EYE SENTIAL too, the desert plant Imperata cylindrica to bind and store moisture. The light foam contains vitamins and hyaluronic acid (produced biotechnologically). It can ideally be combined with JOJOBA OIL and AVOCADO OIL. The numerous plant extracts and vitamins guarantee good conservation of the product.
Additional care with Weyergans High Care Cosmetics products. The basis of perfect care of the skin to prevent any skin damage is careful cleansing. CLEANSING MILK and TONE UP prepare the skin for follow-up care with HYDRO MOUSSE. If your skin is already showing signs of ageing, we recommend the use of the rich moisturizer VIVA as night care. The skin needs additional regeneration at the end of summer and winter. The stress to the skin caused by heat, cold and wind is alleviated by therapy of Soft Peeling facial peeling, Hyaluron pure and Set up the moisturizing mask.

Revival: Clarifies and Nourishes Your Complexion 50 ml / 250ml 
Ideal for acne and irritated skin, Revival is a mask with many functions. This is made possible by the yeast it contains: It stabilizes the pH-value of skin. It also removes excess sebum from pores in case of oily, inflamed or splotchy skin. Chamomile extracts, Licorice and Panthenol have a calming effect. The result is an unequalled healthy, clear and glowing complexion!

Soon Future Tonic: Nurturing face lotion for demanding skin 30ml/  200 ml
Caring and reconstructing face lotion for the moisture penetration of mature, demanding and dry skin. Through its substantial ingredients, SOON FUTURE TONIC is able to supply the deeper layers of skin optimally, leaving behind nothing but a velvety skin feeling. Your skin is ideally prepared for following care products

C7 Plus: The Freshness Formula 50 ml / 250 ml  
Moisturising day cream with vitamin CC7 PLUS moisturising day cream for the face and décolleté is used to protect the skin and supply it with moisture. The vitamin C is deliberately encapsulated so that it is not released until massaged into the skin. So each fresh application allows the skin to absorb pure vitamin C. Vitamin C is a valuable aid in building up connective tissue. Aloe Vera gel has been known for centuries for its excellent properties of supplying moisture and is used to cleanse the skin.
Jojoba oil, called "liquid gold", is water-soluble so is able to penetrate the skin well, supply it with moisture and make the skin smooth and soft. Allantoin nourishes the skin; to protect the skin titandioxide has been added to C7 PLUS as a skin-friendly UV filter.
Directions: C7 PLUS moisturizing day cream with vitamin C is applied to the face, neck and décolleté after thorough cleansing. It is necessary to massage the cream in lightly to burst the vitamin C pearls. Allow time to absorb after massaging the skin. C7 PLUS should be used in mornings and evenings.
Note: C7 PLUS contains fresh Vitamin C which is encapsulated in algae. The capsules will melt during the massage and Vitamin C is released. C7 PLUS contains JOJOBA OIL, algae and allantoin. Thus it is suitable for dry skin. The light protection factors of C7 PLUS can prevent skin ageing.
Additional care with Weyergans High Care Cosmetics products cleansing BALM is suitable for quick, thorough cleansing as it combines cleansing and toning in one product. The cleansing system CLEANSING MILK, TONE UP and HYDRO SPRAY takes very little more time and is worthwhile for mature and demanding skin. For extra care and for therapies a large range of ampoules, concentrates and masks is available. ESSENTIAL or TIMELESS EYE CARE is ideal for the area around the eyes.

Viva: New Vitality for Mature Skin 50 ml  / 250ml 
A rich moisturiser for facial care. VIVA moisturiser is a 24-hour cream (LPF 4) for dry skin. As a water/oil product (more moisture, less oil content) VIVA is suitable for day and night care of demanding skin. The natural moisturising factors supply the skin round the clock with the moisture and vitamins it needs.
Directions: VIVA moisturiser is applied mornings and evenings after thorough cleansing with the cleansing system CLEANSING MILK and TONE UP face lotion. Smooth VIVA moisturiser onto the face, neck and décolleté and massage in gently. It is absorbed quickly and forms an ideal make-up base.
Note: VIVA Active Moisturiser is a product to keep the skin moisturised around the clock. It is richer than C7 from HIGH CARE COSMETICS so it adds even more moisture to mature, dry skin. It is absorbed quickly without leaving a shine on the skin. VIVA leaves the skin feeling beautifully silky-soft all day long. Even under extreme conditions such as air-conditioned or overheated rooms, the skin never feels dry or tight if cared for with VIVA.
Additional care with Weyergans High Care Cosmetics products. To care for dry skin use the cleansing system CLEANSING MILK and TONE UP daily and a weekly SOFT PEELING with natural proteins. Therapies with masks and ampoules should be scheduled for the change of season. A wide range of suitable special preparations is available from Weyergans High Care Cosmetics.

Eye Life: Strengthens Tissue 10 ml 
Special eye care EYE LIFE is a special care stick for the delicate skin around the eyes. The skin around the eyes is thinner than the rest of the facial skin and the elasticity is lost very quickly. EYE LIFE is used to strengthen this sensitive tissue. A natural protein encourages the growth of the skin cells; this property was tested on the raw material. Seaweed and algae extract to moisturise and bind moisture in the skin.
Directions: EYE LIFE special care for the eyes should be applied to cleansed skin mornings and evenings. EYE LIFE is rolled onto the skin, starting below the eyebrows around the eye to the bridge of the nose. If the eyelids are swollen EYE LIFE can be used cooled (store in the fridge).
Note: EYE LIFE from High Care Cosmetics is a modern first-class product on a gel base. It was developed especially for the sensitive demanding skin around the eyes. The product does not contain any oil or grease which could get into the eyes and cause irritation. EYE LIFE contains algae extracts and extracts from tropical seaweed (rhodophyte) with a high anionic charge. These natural substances can stimulate the cells of the basal membrane - that is, the layer of skin which is responsible for the growth, elasticity and health of the whole skin tissue.
Additional care with Weyergans High Care Cosmetics products Well-cared-for skin needs cleansing appropriate to skin type. CLEANSING BALM is a fast, thorough cleanser, the cleansing system Cleansing Milk and TONE UP is very worthwhile for demanding skin. Day and night care for the skin depends on the grease and moisture content and the general condition of the skin. A wide range of masks, ampoules and concentrates is available for extra care and for therapies.


Eye sensual eye fluid 15 ml 
Protection and care for the eyes. EYE SENTIAL is a gel-cream for the special care of the demanding skin around the eyes and the lips. The skin around the eyes is thinner than the rest of the facial skin and the elasticity is lost very quickly. Lines and wrinkles form quickly especially due to facial expression and the general ageing process. EYE SENTIAL gives the skin the attention and care it needs to prevent eye and lip wrinkles. This extremely economical gel-cream contains valuable ingredients to supply the skin with moisture. 
A phytohormone, an imitation of a natural hormone, regulates the zytokine balance. The zytokine balance is responsible for many signs of ageing. The phytohormone lipopeptide is also compared with the "youth hormone", it increases the elasticity of the skin. Root extract, a vegetable extract containing potassium, and natural moisturizers enable the skin to store more moisture. The increase in skin moisture is measurable and was tested on raw materials. With vitamin E, EYE SENTIAL contains a high natural light protection factor to protect the skin from damage through sun and light.
Directions: A very light preservative could be added to EYE SENTIAL. It is protected by a hygienic pump dispenser, which ensures optimum dosage. One portion is enough for both eyes and the lips. After gentle cleansing, EYE SENTIAL is dabbed onto the skin starting below the eyebrows to the temples and round under the eyes. The cream-gel is absorbed quickly so make-up can be applied immediately. The rest of the cream is smoothed around the mouth.
Note: EYE SENTIAL is made with special moisturising substances. The potassium containing desert plant Imperata cylindrica can keep and spend moisture. Potassium is essential for a tight connecting tissue. A special lipoprotein regulates the balance of cytokines which mediate and activate cell proliferation. Additionally, EYE SENTIAL contains the natural light protector vitamin E because most of the skin damages are caused by ultraviolet radiation.
Additional care with Weyergans High Care Cosmetics products. CLEANSING MILK and TONE UP are the ideal cleansing system for dry, sensitive skin. A wide range of concentrates, ampoules and masks is available to deal with special needs of the skin and for therapies. VIVA FLUID moisturizing ampoules and VIVA MOISTURIZER supply the skin with moisture.


Porcelain mask: For Skin as Fine as Delicate Porcelain  50 ml / 100ml 
For stressed and pigmented skin without moisture and sized pores. 
Vitamin C and high-quality titanic oxide help to improve the appearance of skin and provide natural protection from the sun's damaging UV rays. High-grade Almond oil and Panthenol pamper and relax additionally. A high amount of natural Vitamin E offers protection from free radicals and thereby effectively counters premature ageing of the skin and wrinkles.
· The anti-tyrosine effect of watercress reduces the activity of melanocytes
· Age spots and pigmentation marks are bleached. · Titan dioxide improves the appearance of the skin and also provides natural protection against UV rays. · A high content of natural vitamin E provides excellent protection against free radicals
· Due to the watercress in particular; the Porcelain mask is ideal for the care of slightly pigmented, seborrhoea and slightly stressed skin.

High Derm: Regenerative Care 50 ml /200ml 
High Derm Regenerating vitamin pack for the face. This regenerative vitamin pack is specially designed for skin in need of extra care. It contains nourishing oils and provides the skin with the vitamins needed for cell regeneration. These vitamins are free radical quenchers and thereby protect skin from environmental stresses. Aloe Vera and Algae extracts nourish and hydrate skin deep down.
Supplies vitamins A, E and D   through the essential fatty acids of wheat germ oil. Regenerates skin structure. · Supplies and stores moisture through aloe Vera, collagen and algae extracts. · Revitalizes the skin after summer and winter. 


Soft Peeling: Peeling with Proteins 100 ml / 200ml  
Facial peeling with natural proteins SOFT PEELING is ideal for regular gentle deep cleansing of facial skin. SOFT PEELING contains tiny round abrasive particles to gently remove scaly skin. The natural proteins allow the skin to restore its protective layer and prevent premature reformation of scaly skin. The allantoin and soya oil are to supply the skin with grease and moisture. Arnica is well known for its soothing effect on the skin.
Directions: SOFT PEELING should be used once a week or more often depending on need. If the skin is very dry SOFT PEELING can be used twice a week. It is massaged into the face, neck and décolleté with moistened hands, rinsed off with warm water and then the recommended care product is applied.
Note: In addition to a protective protein complex SOFT PEELING also contains arnica extract and allantoin which immediately alleviate any skin irritation, so it is suitable even for sensitive skin. The excellent skin compatibility is further increased by natural soya oil which makes the product easier to massage in without irritating the skin.
Additional care with Weyergans High Care Cosmetics products. 
Before using SOFT PEELING the skin should be cleansed with CLEANSING BALM or the cleansing system CLEANSING MILK and TONE UP. Choose the follow-up care according to the condition of your skin. Day and night care is determined by the grease and moisture content of the skin and the time of year. The delicate skin around the eyes needs special attention such as EYE LIFE or EYE SENTILAL. Therapies should be scheduled for the change of season and a wide selection of masks, ampoules and concentrates is available.

Set-Up: Hydrates and Eliminates Stress 50 ml (£26.00)  200ml (£39.75)
Moisturizing face mask, soothing and cooling Properties SET UP mask is cooling, moisturising mask in a light gel consistency. SET UP mask has a refreshing, cooling effect due to the algae extracts, Shea butter is an extremely skin-friendly, skin-conditioning oil. Jojoba oil, "liquid gold", is water-soluble and penetrates the skin well to supply it with moisture. Vitamin E is used as a free radical inhibitor in SET UP to prevent cell damage. SET UP mask is suitable for any skin type, for dry skin and well as greasy, impure skin.
Directions: The use of a mask is always additional care or therapy for the skin. SET UP should be applied to cleansed skin once or twice a week. Before use apply the appropriate eye care to the area around the eyes. The SETUP mask is spread thinly on the face, neck and décolleté. The pump dispenser ensures economical and hygienic use, 5 portions are needed for one application. Allow the mask to take effect for 15-20 minutes in a relaxed atmosphere, then remove any residue with a luke-warm compress.
Note: The SETUP mask cools and soothes the skin, alleviates irritated skin and reduces redness caused by stress. After being treated with SET UP the complexion has an even, well cared for appearance.
Additional care with Weyergans High Care Cosmetics products.  Well cared for skin needs first of all appropriate cleansing, CLEANSING BALM or dry skin. Day and night care is determined by the general condition of the skin and the time of year. EYE LIFE eye care is ideal for the dry, sensitive skin around the eyes.


Crystal Collagen Gel Mask: Natural Marine Collagen with Excellent Care and Moisturizing Factor 1 piece  (£26.00)
Natural seaweed collagen with hyaluronic and moisturizing factors CRYSTAL COLLAGEN GEL MASK is a gel-mask for the face. The contained Sargassum Filipendula Extract is a brown-algae extract supplying the skin with algae-collagen. The mask prevents against wrinkles, protects the skin and provides it with minerals and trace elements. The active ingredient Hyaluron binds the moisture and stores it into the connective tissue matrix. It gives the skin a smooth and firm look.
Arbutin is a natural ingredient which can bleach pigments spots and clear an uneven skin-tone. 
Direction: Take the punched CRYSTAL COLLAGEN GEL MASK carefully out of the packaging and place the mask matching the whole face. Press the mask with moistened fingers gently, so that the mask covers the whole face. After 30 minutes of treatment time, remove the CRYSTAL COLLAGEN GEL MASK from the face, either massage in the left-overs or remove it with a warm compress. The CRYSTAL COLLAGEN GEL MASK is suitable for every skin type and fits especially as a cooling summer-treatment.
Cooling gel-mask with an immediate, visible result. Suitable as a men's treatment. High-quality ingredients firm, moisturize and regenerate the skin. Perfect for oily and combination skin additional care with Weyergans High Care Cosmetics products skin care depends on the skin’s general condition and needs, as well as the season. Body care, especially for chest, thighs, stomach, and hips usually need special products, and Weyergans High Care Cosmetics has a large selection available for these needs. For these, please also consult the facts, descriptions and recommendations in the High Care® user’s handbook.

Nano Care: Microfiber Cleansing Pads 30 pads  £14.00
he pads are practical to quickly and easily clean skin. The alcohol-free emulsion does not dry out the skin. Natural active ingredients such as Aloe Vera hydrate skin and calm any existing reddened areas. It contains marine minerals to refresh skin during use.
Microfiber cleaning pads contain marine minerals to add moisture.  The microfibers allow cleansing of uneven skin. Can even be used to remove eye make-up. · The cleansing pads are pH-neutral and do not attack the protective acid layer of the skin. ·No alcohol. Aloe Vera soothes and moisturises the skin during cleansing 

Sebo Care: Very Smart 50 ml  (£26.60) 200ml  (£50.34)
Sebo Care always reacts correctly regardless of whether the skin is too dry or too oily because it contains two important enzymes that are activated automatically depending on the pH-value of skin. This restores the acid mantle of the skin and makes your skin silky soft! 

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