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Elite lamination procedure (keratin lifting) eyelashes. It is an alternative to faux eyelashes and permanent wave. It consists of five stages:  

1) Cleaning
and de-fatting of eyelashes;
2) Application of a special preparatory solution which softens and smoothens the skin; 
3) Fixing a silicone mould (eyelashes are upswept and extended with the use of the mould);
4) Application of a fixation refinisher which fills the structure of eyelashes makes them thicker and serves as a basis for further filling of eyelashes with pigment (the pigment is of five different colours able to satisfy any taste);
5) Filling of eyelashes with keratin.

The procedure takes about an hour and it doesn’t cause pain or discomfort. For the next 24 hours after the procedure, eyelashes will stick together and look a little hard. It is not recommended to wash the eyes during this period. After a 24-hour period of time, when you wash your face, your eyelashes will be soft, fluffy and beautifully curly.  

Thanks to YUMI LASHES, your eyelashes can be curved the way you want, from everyday to special look.  The procedure is not harmful to eyelashes; it strengthens their structure thanks to special nutritious ingredients. It doesn’t require any correction and the effect will last for 2.5-3 months. YUMI LASHES allows you to sleep in any comfortable position, use any cosmetic products when washing your face, visit a sauna, swim in seawater, use contact lenses, mascara and your favourite eye creams. In other words, live your usual lifestyle not worrying about your eyelashes – they will be just beautiful!  

The procedure has precautions: these are any eye diseases, high sensitivity of eyes and allergies, pregnancy and breastfeeding period. However, it is safe and it meets the European and Russian standards and this technique also has safety certificates.  

YUMI LASHES is performed by a master who undertook special courses. 

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