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COMPLEX MULTIVITAMIN Ampoules are a highly dosed moisturizer containing vitamins, used to revive the skin. They are suitable for skin during the winter, for pale and tired skin, for smokers' skin and also after sunbathing. COMPLEX MULTIVITAMIN Ampoules give the skin the chance to revive itself, regenerate in the long term and prevent any premature damage.
NoteCOMPLEX MULTI VITAMIN is particularly suitable for anyone who is exposed to a lot of artificial sun (sunbed, solarium). Skin tanned in this way needs more vitamins.

Viva Fluid  4 ml  £8.00 /  4 ml x 5    
Nutrients and moisture for dry skin.


Alpha Fluid 5 ml  
Phytohormones for sonophoresis to support connective tissue in case of hormonal disposition.


Reset Fluid 4 ml   4x 5
Concentrated plant extracts to calm skin.

Vitamin A 4 ml £9.75  4x5

concentrate to regenerate already damaged skin.

Skin active set-reset fluid 4 ml, viva fluid 4 ml, complex multi vit a 4 ml, hyaluronic 4 ml.
Complex Multivitamin 4 ml/  4x5 

FC-L Gel: Protein Complex to Tone Skin 50 ml 
Regeneration gel>>FC<<-L GEL is a liposome preparation for firming the skin. The raw materials it contains increase cell division and cell growth. The effects were tested on raw materials. The valuable ingredients are enclosed in liposomes. >>FC<<-L GEL can be used on any area of the body where skin firming and skin smoothing are desired.
Directions: Mature skin tending to initial lines and wrinkles needs a cleansing system which is mild and thorough. After the skin has been cleansed, one portion from the hygienic pump dispenser is usually enough for care of the face, neck and décolleté, although several portions may be needed depending on the size of the target area. Afterwards, the recommended day or night care is applied.

Note>>FC<<-L GEL from HIGH CARE COSMETICS contains the active agent “Fibrostimulin” in concentrated amounts encapsulated in microscopic liposomes. “Fibrostimulin” activates the enzymes collagenase and elastase which produce the collagen and elastin fibres contained in connective tissue. This stimulation results in faster cell renewal and an increase in connective tissue fibres.
Additional care with Weyergans High Care Cosmetics products>>FC<<-L GEL from HIGH CARE COSMETICS contains the active agent "Fibrostimulin" in concentrated amounts encapsulated in microscopic liposomes. "Fibrostimulin" activates the enzymes collagenous and elastase which produces the collagen and elastin fibres contained in connective tissue. This stimulation results in faster cell renewal and an increase in connective tissue fibres.



Complex Sebo Care 5 ml  / 5x5 
Dermoregulant COMPLEX SEBO CARE provides 24-hour care for greasy skin, which tends to impurities. The extracts contained are used to soothe this type of frequently inflammatory skin. They are well known for their antiseptic, bactericidal and swelling-reducing effects. Ivy is well known for its purifying effect, helping to eliminate harmful substances from the skin.

The lactoperoxidase and glucose oxidase form an active enzyme complex. This complex restores the bacterial flora of the acid protective layer, combating the physiological cause of acne and inflammatory skin. COMPLEX SEBO CARE is used where a hyperfunction or hypofunction of the sebaceous glands occurs. Dry skin is also a sign of malfunction of the acid protective layer.
Directions: The care of impure and greasy skin starts with a thorough cleansing. CLEANSING BALM cleanses the skin gently yet thoroughly and tones it mildly. While the skin is being treated with COMPLEX SEBO CARE, a face lotion containing alcohol should not be used. The practical dispenser ensures hygienic, economical use. COMPLEX SEBO CARE provides 24-hour care and is applied to the face, neck and décolleté and massaged in briefly. The delicate usually dry skin around the eyes should be cared for with EYE LIFE.
NoteThe complexes of glucose oxidase and lactoper-oxidase are active enzyme complexes to restore the bacterial flora of the acid protective layer and thus combat the physiological cause of acne.
Additional care with Weyergans High Care Cosmetics products after thorough cleansing with CLEANSING BALM and eye care with EYE LIFE, RESET Ampoules and SET UP Mask can be used as a therapy. Pure tea tree oil applied on cosmetic pads directly after cleansing soothes locally inflamed skin. Any scarring which may have occurred can be reduced by special treatments at the institute.



Meso Pen®: Iontophoresis Pen for at Home Use 1 piece  
MESO PEN: Iontophoresis for self-treatment iontophoresis has been a recognised physical therapy procedure for decades, and is used to introduce active ingredients to the skin (transdermal system). The Iono Pen is the first appliance that enables you to carry out the treatment on yourself. 

Furthermore, the MESO PEN is also able to additionally regenerate and firm the skin tissue. With the help of pulsating direct current, the lymph ions are activated; this, in turn, leads to greater absorption of the cells (diffusion and osmosis) and thus to improved cell division. 
Instructions for use MESO PEN is held in the working hand like a biro and your index finger should touch the oval gold-plating (for good contact, you might want to moisten your finger). Then the tip of the pen should touch the area of skin to be treated on which the liquid, which will be massaged in, e.g. Eye serum, should first be applied. 

With light pressure, light, circling motions are used to work in the active ingredient concentrate. The current flows from the tip (-) of the pen, through the skin and through the body and back to the + pole of the pen (finger). On the way through the skin, the current can also transport the active ingredients of the concentrate and thus ensure sufficiently deep penetration. The current flow is displayed by a blue flashing light.  A self-treatment takes as long as the concentrate takes to be worked in and the flashing light goes out. 

TipThe MESO PEN is designed for self-treatments. If you want to use it to perform iontophoresis on another person, you must establish body contact between yourself and the other person so that the current can flow! 

The MESO PEN is not only suitable for introducing the Eye serum, but also for other concentrates, active ingredients and vitamins from the Weyergans High Care range, particularly for:
- Soon Future concentrate 5% (botox substitute to combat wrinkles)
- Mistletoe concentrate (anti-ageing)
- Complex Multi-Vitamin (building up the skin structure, supply of nutrients)
- Reset (for stressed skin).

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