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The device is used to support holistic figure care - especially the treatment of problem zones. Areas of use are the legs, stomach and bottom. Also suitable for use on the upper arms. The Body star is a microprocessor-controlled, combined electro-stimulation device to stimulate the nerves and muscles (electro-muscular, EMS) and a device to carry out lipolysis, also called “ electrolipolysys”.

Four different treatments can be carried out (all-in-one device): electrolipolysis is carried out on individuals with well -localised cosmetic lipodystrophy (flab) /fatty deposits, also jodhpur thighs). In the medical version (optional) needle electrodes are used which are simply placed on the skin in pairs parallel to each other.  


During the Bodystar treatment, electric currents are directly and without pain channelled into the skin by means of self-adhesive electrodes. Fields of application are diverse – they reach from relaxing electric massages to special whole body treatments. Pre-programmed treatment programs enable applications with a focus on muscles, nerves or skin tissue. 
Special advantage: Electrolipolysis. During this treatment, fat-dissolving enzymes – lipases – are activated. Through that, depot fats are directly affected.  

The programmes Polyshape and Isolysis are special programmes to tone the muscles and improve the shape of the body. In contrast to classic EMS, during these Bodystar programmes, several different current shapes are applied at the same time (rectangle, trapeze, triangle exponential). This prevents the muscles from becoming  used to the current pulses so that even low current intensities already lead to the desired results. 

The programme  Alley Gates is wellness- orientated, classic relaxation programme and is carried out using carbon rubber plate electrodes.
The special advantages of the Bodystar are fast and intensive treatments, results due to the unique applications of different current pulses and the lack of a familiarisation effect.

Treatments duration:  Lipolysis - 45 minutes, Polyshape and Isolysis - 30 mins each, Alley Gates require between 20 -45 mins.
Lipolysis  is an excellent combination with Detox, the Slyde -styler and Vacustyler. The treatments  are carried out as a therapy. 

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